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Nibbles is an African Grey parrot. As of Feb. 2002 he is 3 years old.

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At 16mo. old Nibbles can say hello, how are you, hi Nibbles,BOYoh boy!!, step up, woohoo!! & make 8 different sound effects: homerun, siren, 2 different sneezes, water dripping, beep beep(roadrunner), cell phone ring, & wolf whistle of course. He is also learning to whistle the Jeopardy theme.

The most amusing thing about Nibbles Isn't his ability to produce these sounds, but the timing of these sounds with what goes on around him. This is just the start of documenting that timing. Another example of timing is the many times he's bobbed his head appearing to say yes when we ask him questions. 1 of the best ways to get Nibbles to talk is to ignore him. Greys crave attention & will make as much noise as they can to get it.

Here are some examples of that timing using his noises.

This 1st incident I don't remember the exact date, but I think it was in June 2000 sometime. My wife announced "dinner's ready" to which Nibbles says "WOOHOO!!"

Jul./00 7-28-2000 6:45p Nibbles starts whistling parts of 'jeopardy' 15 min. before show starts.
7-30-2000 between 1p & 4p During D-backs game makes homerun sound(click for bat followed by whistle simulating flight of ball) in conjunction with batters.
7-31-2000 3:53p While watching Superman cartoon, Nibbles says "WOOHOO!!" as Superman defeats opponent.

Aug./00 8-3-2000 6:20p After seeing a news story showing the birth of a baby Rhino, I said "that's a big baby" & Nibbles does a whistle similar to what people do instead of saying 'whew!!'.
8-13-2000 12:15p After having sipped coffee from my wife's cup while she held it, Nibbles walks over to the cup sitting on the end table, looks into cup, finding it empty he says "AWWWww!"
8-18-2000 1:45p While watching the A-Team, Nibbles does a descendibg whistle as a man falls off a high wall.
8-19-2000 7:20p Nibbles has picked up a new phrase: After making homerun sound(see 7-30-2000), Nibbles says "HOME RUN!!!"
8-21-2000 12p-1p Yet another phrase joins Nibbles vocabulary: After doing his wolf whistle, he follows it up by saying "SEXY MAMA!!"
8-31-2000: Nibbles is learning to answer the phone, by saying "hello" after making his cell phone noise.

Sep.00 9-3-2000: Nibbles now has 2 phones to answer, doing a 2nd lower pitched ring that sounds like my desk phone.
9-20-2000 10:30a: Nibbles does his cell phone ring while I'm asleep on my couch, causing me to pick up receiver of the phone next to the couch.
9-23-2000: Over the past couple days, while hanging upside down from the top of his doorway, Nibbles has learned to swing & say "weeeeeee!!!".

Oct./00 10-2-2000 Nibbles started saying "Silly bird" today
10-7-2000 7:15p Nibbles started saying c'mere (come here) today. he's picking up new words faster each time.
10-9-2000 12:30p Nibbles is starting to combine parts of his different phrases. Today, instead of saying "SEXY MAMA!!" he said "SEXY NIBBLES!!"
10-10-2000 11:00a while watchinging a commercial for 411 information. Nibbles repeated the 411 tones he heard on that commercial. He's has been dialing information ever since.
10-23-2000 11:20a My wife gave Nibbles a kiss on the beak & Nibbles said "OH WOW!!!".
At 12:25p Nibbles said "WASSUUUUPP" like on the Bud commercial.
10-25-2000 11:00a Nibbles had a brief conversation with my wife. My wife: "I've gotta do something this morning." Nibbles: "What?" My wife: "Take my pills." Nibbles "Ohhhh."

Nov./00 11-02-2000 On Monday 10-30-2000 Nibbles started saying 'BOBBY!!' (my youngest brother's name). Today at 12:30p Nibbles said "BOBBY! BOBBY! WASSUUP!?"
11-11-2000 1:00p Nibbles picked up another word today. Sounding just like my wife, he said "CARREFUL!"
11-20-2000 11:45a While watching Murder She Wrote, a man gets shot in the shoulder & Nibbles says "OWWww!!!!".
11-22-2000 2p-4p Nibbles was watching me play Rush2 (a racing video game). Each time I crashed Nibbles said "CARREFUL!", & after each time I said "I'm trying Nibbles".

Dec./00 12-02-2000 9:45 Nibbles had another brief conversation with my wife, adding a new word (where's) to his vocabulary in the process: Nibbles: "Where's Bobby?" My wife: I don't know Nibbles." Nibbles: "Why?"
12-26-2000 Nibbles picked up a new word this morning, saying "Whateever!" at the end of a conversation between me & my wife.
Also, his understanding of what the term 'WOOHOO!!' has increased greatly over the past month, using it only at points of excitement (i.e. the scoring of a touchdown), just as people do.

Jan./01 1-02-2001 Nibbles started saying my name(Eric) today. He sounds a little like my wife when he says it.
1-06-2001 7:05p While my wife was looking at our cable system's itnteractive tv listings, she pulled up the description of a show & said "Oh, that's what that show is about.", to which Nibbles gave an affirmative "unh-huh".
1-15-2001 3:30p Nibbles imitated me telling my brother about a phone call, by hollering "BOBBY TELEPHONE!!" Who knows how long before he says it when the phone actually rings.
1-18-2001 3:05p While watching the movie 'Message in a bottle': As Kevin Costnter & Robin Wright Penn start into a lovemaking scene, Nibbles says "WHEEEEEE!!.
1-22-2001 Nibbles picked up a couple new phrases today: 1. About 11a he started saying "What're you doing!?" 2. About 6p, after hearing my wife say "I don't feel good!" Nibbles said "I know".
1-30-2001 2:05p While typing an e-mail, my wife was having problems with our webtv keyboard. She said "What's wrong with this thing!?" Nibbles replied "I don't know!"

Feb./01 2-10-2001 1:30p As my wife was complaining about how slow a website was loading, Nibbles said "Are you alright?"
2-15-2001 1:00p Nibbles started saying "Go back" (a phrase I use when I put him in his cage) today.
2-20-2001 12:30p Nibbles said "Thank you." for the first time today, copying my wife as she thanked me for making sure her vcr was set up right.
2-23-2001 6:44p Nibbles put 2 related sounds together this evening, yelling "TELEPHONE!", then he dialed 411.

Mar./01 3-07-2001 6:30p Nibbles whistled the first 5 notes of the song on the current Hanes underwear commercial as its ruuning. Why, I don't know, he doesn't wear boxers or briefs.
3-25-2001 2:00p Nibbles picked u a new prase today, saying "Hi bird brain."( which he picked up thanks to my son ).
3-27-2001 11:05a Nibbles has combined another 2 phrases this morning, saying "Hi bird brain, TELEPHONE!!!!".

Apr./01 4-08-2001 12p After listening to Nibbles making some random noises, I Said "Silly bird.",My wife responded "Ain't that the truth", then Nibbles answered my wife with an afirmative "unnh huh".
4-22-2001 9:45p Nibbles picked up a new phrase tonight as we were watching the movie 'Mchale's Navy'. As Mchale's boat hit the bad guys boat with a torpedo, Nibbles said "There ya go!".
4-25-2001 8:15p During the Suns/Kings NBA playoff game(Suns lost), a Suns player threw up an airball & Nibbles said "Oh my God!" in a very disgusted tone, similar to when you say 'Oh Brother!'. He picked this 1 up from my wife.
4-30-2001 2p Nibbles said "Hang on!" today, a phrase I often use when my wife asks for help.

May/01 5-02-2001 Nibbles has known how to say "what?" for some time now, but lately he has been saying "what?" every time my wife calls my name(Eric). The other day(Sunday) I told my wife "At this rate I'm gonna start letting Nibbles do all my talking for me".
5-06-2001 12p Nibbles was going thru 1 of his attention seeking talk sessions & ended it with a new phrase, saying "Guess what!"
5-10-2001 10:55a I was dozing on the couch right next to the cage. With the cover still over the cage,Nibbles had said hello 3 times Since 10:30 (I guess trying to wake me up) All of the sudden he said "I WANT OUT!"
5-13-2001 7:30p Nibbles is starting to be a bilingual parrot, saying "Que paso?!" (He picked it up from My youngest brother Bobby)
5-19-2001 12:30p Nibbles said his 1st farewell content phrase. He said "Hii, Good bye."
8:30p Nibbles had another bilingual moment tonight, saying approximately the same thing in spanish, then English: saying "Que paso?", "Wassuup?" 1 right after the other.
5-30-2001 11:30a While Nibbles was standing on the back of our couch looking out the window, he said "Hi onry!", something my wife says to him alot.

Jun./01 6-08-2001 10:15p-10:25p Nibbles picked up a new word(squirt) tonight, using it in 2 different phrases in 10 minutes. 1st he said "Hello squirt.". Then he said "C'mere squirt.". I believe he picked these up from me.
6-15-2001 10:30a-10:45a I was dozing on the couch & Nibbles' cage still had its cover on it. All of the sudden I hear from inside the cover, "Wake up!". Nibbles kept saying "Wake up!" about once every minute for the following 15min. A couple times I told him "I don't wanna wake up!"
6-19-2001 10:15a My wife & i were dicussing plans for this weekend with some friends coming from out of state, when she pointed out "Nibbles is gonna be stuck in his cage for a long time this weekend". Sounding very disapointed, Niblles said louldly "OWWWWwwww!!"

Jul./01 7-03-2001 8p Nibbles said in a disapointing tone "Aww Man!!".
7-12-2001 10:35a With the cage still covered, Nibbles started chattering (his way of letting me know it's time for everyone to get up). Half way thru the chatter he says "Look at Nibbles.".
7-13-2001 8p While watching a D-backs game Nibbles says "HEY BABY!".
7-14-2001 11a As my wife started drinking her morning coffee, Nibbles walked over to her & started reaching for the cup withe his beak. My wife began giving Nibbles sips of the coffee (he loves coffee). After every sip Nibbles would say "Oh Maan!", sounding half excited, yet half disapointed at the same time. Go figure.
7-17-2001 1p Nibbles said "That's one.". He learned it from me because I like to count off the number of kisses he gives one after another.

Aug./01 8-10-2001 7p-10p Nibbles has developed a new sound effect for baseball while he was watching the game tonight. He started doing a short ascending pitch whistle that starts when the pitcher throws the ball & stops when it hits the catchers mit.
8-14-2001 10:40a I was lying on the couch next to the cage & Nibbles started his 'Uncover the cage' morning chatter. I leaned my head back to look at the cage & Nibbles said "What're you lookin at?"
8-21-2001 4:30p We were watching the D-backs baseball game, & as the player ran to Home plate scoring a run, Nibbles shouted "OH YEAHH!!!!!!!"

Sep/01 9-02-2001 8:45p Nibbles said my wife's nickname for the very 1st time. He said "Hi Jo"(short for Joanne).
9-05-2001 10:35a Nibbles started his 'time to take the cover off' chat by saying "What's going on in here?"
9-26-2001 6:30p My wife was about to pick Nibbles up, all the sudden he bit her on her right forearm pretty hard. My wife's reaction was to shout angrily "YOU BRAT!!". Nibbles responded in the same tone "BRAT!!".

Oct./01 10-08-2001 10:45a After about 5 minutes of 'Uncover' chatter, my wife pulled the cover off of Nibbles' cage & said "Gee you're noisy.' Nibbles respomded sounding slightly disgusted, saying "Whateverr.".
10-29-2001 12:50p Nibbles has added to his "BRAT" remark, saying not quite as loud "You li'l brat!!"
10-30-2001 11a Nibbles cage had just been uncovered & my wife was putting fresh water in his water dishes. All the sudden he said "Uh uh uh, let go!". in a tone similar to when you say 'Be careful!'. It's something I say to him if he grabs my finger with his beak & starts biting too hard!
10-31-2001 1:45p We were watching 'Behind The Music' talking about Celine Dion. When he heard her start singing he said "OH WOW"!!

Nov./01 11-13-2001 9:00p Nibbles streched out his right wing & said "Strrreetch" while he was stretching. (Something my wife would tell him anytime he stretched.)
11-17-2001 11:20a Nibbles combined my name with another recently learned phrase to give me a 'put down', saying "Eric! YOU BRAT!!!!"

Dec./01 12-19-01 11:21p Nibbles said "CHARGE!!" after hearing me play the stadium music for charge on my keyboard.

Jan./02 1- 07-2002 11:30p Nibbles is becoming patriotic! While watching a commercial for Great story songs, They showed Sgt. Bary Sadler singing the 1st line to 'Ballad of the Green Berets'. After hearing the lne "Fighting soldiers from the skies." Nibbles responded by saying "CHARGE!!!".
1-17-2002 9:20p Nibbles was sitting on my knee while I was playing video pinball. As he watched me play, he was talking to me, saying most of his recently learned phrases. All the sudden he said "What the heck?!".

Feb./02 2-16-2002 6:30p Nibbles had been sittng quietly on his play table for awhile. All the sudden, he said "What's wrong Nibbles?!" in a very concerned tone. (Something my wife asks him if he's quiet for a long time.)
2-25-2002 9:45pWhile my wife was watching 'Crossing Jordan', a commercial came on showing a mother playing with her young daughter. As the daughter reached up & kissed her mom, Nibbles spoke up & said "QUIT THAT!!".(Something we say to him if he bites too hard.)

Mar./02 3-23-2002 6pNibbles has started taking a more direct approach to getting my attention. Instead of using the variety of phrases & sounds in his repetoire, like he usually does when he wants attention, he shouted "HEYY ERRIC!!!"

Apr.02 4-09-2002 11:30a Nibbles had been sitting on my wife's shoulder for a few minutes, while she was in the kitchen cooking. All the sudden he nipped her ear kinda hard a couple times, so I locked him back in his cage after the 2nd nip. About 5 minutes later, when my wife sat down in her chair, Nibbles said "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" in a forlorn sounding tone.
2:30p I had just finished filling out our tax forms & noticed that because of something new on the form we were due to get more money back. My wife looked at the amount on the form & asked "That's how much we're getting back?" Nibbles replied "That's right!".
4-17-2002 9:40p Nibbles had been put in his cage for being too rambunctious. After about 20 minutes he began yakking & making noises to get our attention. A few minutes later he shouted "ALRIIGHT YOU!" in a very stern tone(something my wife says to him if he starts getting to aggressive).
4-21-2002 6:45p Nibbles was in his cage while my wife was fixing dinner. After a few minutes Nibbles said, half questioning, "It's ready?". My wife replied "Not yet Nibbles".

May/02 5-03-2002 11:45a Nibbles & I were in the bedroom watching Xena while my wife was using the Webtv in the living room. I picked Nibbles up & had him perching on my forefinger & bird finger, but he wasn't quite balanced, so he reached down & grabbed my forefinger with his beak to help reposition himself. Unfortunately he grabbed a little too hard, hurting my finger, causing me too jerk my hand & say "Nibbles, stop it!". When that happened, he flew into the living room, landing on the back of my wife's chair. As he landed, he repeated the phrase "Nibbles stop it!!" to her.
5-14-2002 (Time uncertain) Nibbles picked up something new from my wife, shouting, in a tone of anger & frustration "YOUU!!!". (Something my wife says to Nibbles if he bites to hard.)
5-27-2002 4p We had just finished watching the D-backs/Giants Baseball game, & Nibbles flew over onto the ccouch. He started to chew lightly on the cushions, so I put him in his cage. A couple minutes after I put him in, he spoke up & asked me "What'd you do that for??" (something my wife & I say to Nibbles if he nips at us with no provocation).

Jun./02 6-11-2002 4:30pMy wife was in the kitchen trying to choose what to have for supper. Nibbles flew in & sat on her shoulder, & a couple minutes later started to nip at her right ear. My wife told him "You behave, or I'll lock you in your cage!". Sounding slightly shocked Nibbles said "Ouch!".
6-14-2002 (Time uncertain) My wife hadn't been feeling very good for a couple days, & because of it, Nibbles is spending more of his day in cage. Today, he started shouting "HEY YOUU!!" several times, from inside the cage, in order to get my attention.

Jul./02 7-01-2002 1:40pm Nibbles hsa learned my wife's entire 1st name. While Nibbles was in his cage(I had to put him back in when he started chewing on the couch), he asked me "Where Joanne?". I Replied "She's in the bathroom, Nibbles.

This is the final post on this page. On Sunday 7-07-02 2:30p Curiosity got the best of Nibbles. He flew out of our apartment as my wife was bringing laundry in. 1 of our neighbors found him about 24 hours later. When I got to him, he had been overcome by the Arizona heat & was dead.

I am keepimg this page open because, even now, going thru the things he's said can make me smile or laugh, & I want to continue to share the laughter Nibbles has brought to me, my wife, & anyone who has come in contact with Nibbles, in person, or through this page!!! Back to Top