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This is
Zoey's Log

This page will be a chronicle of things that my African Grey parrot Zoey has learned to say.

The very 1st thing Zoey learned to mimic was the 3 high pitch beeps of our digital kitchen timer, but her 1st vocal effect came on 7-21-03. It happened as I tried to pet 7month old Zoey on the back. As my finger touched her back, she whirled around & shouted in a high pitched voice: "HEY YOU!!!!"

8-03-03 After I let Zoey out of her cage this morniing, she walked over to me, sitting in my chair, gave me a kiss, & said "Hello!" for the very 1st time!!

1 other thing she has learned over the past couple weeks, tho I'm not sure when. She has learned to imitate my wife's sneeze, very loud & high picthed.

8-25-03 11:25am Zoey said my first name, "Eric" for the very 1st time today. It was in a medium pitched voice, & just slighly garbled.

9-05-03 7:45pm Zoey was boarded at a Bird Store in a much smaller cage than she's used to for 48 hours, while we had our apartment sprayed. As I entered the area of the boarding cages, An angry high pitched "Erric!" came from the cage before the attendent could even get the cage open. Then Came the task of giving Zoey her 1st wing & nail clipping. She even got got her beak buffed. Surprisingly, she didn't put up as much of a fight as I thought she would.

9-09-03 6:40pm Zoey was on my wife's shoulder while my wife was in the kitchen. My wife told Zoey "I'm going to fix dinner so we can eat." Upon hearing that, Zoey proceeded to belch, sounding just like me, but only half the volume.

9-22-03 9:35pm While going thru a series of chirps, clicks, & whistles, Zoey speaks up in her own high pitched voice & shouts "OOH WOWW!!!"

10-10-03 1:40pm Zoey was standing on her little table, next to my wife's lounge chair, looking at my wife. Suddenly, she spoke up in a low tone voice sinilar to mine & said LUV "I love you" for the very first time.

1-21-04 Early afternoon: After getting home from my wife's carpal tunnel surgery, I was resting in my lounge chair when I was arroused by Zoey's latest vocal effect.(She had picked up my immitation of of the Roadrunner's "Beep Beep" & chosen today to start doing it.) At 1st it was a little garbled but the more times she did it the more clear it became.

1-25-04 11:30am approx. I was watching 'Fresh Gear' on TechTv & Zoey was sitting on my knee, out of nowhere Zoey said "OH BOY!". Something she picked up from our friend Bob, who also owns a Grey named Freddie. He teases Zoey with that phrase as he plays with her beak. He's had greys before, & I think Zoey could sense the genttleness about him.

1-27-04 10:58am Talk about timing. At the end of the movie version of 'The Beverly Hillbillies' Jim Varney(Jed Clampett) was singing a version of 'Hot Rod Lincoln'. Zoey chose to sing along by injecting her "BEEP! BEEP!" in appropriate parts of the song. It was a perfect mix!

2-15-04 3:30pm approx. Zoey's talking is becoming more complex, today, she picked up a new phrase, & addeed it to a word she alredy knew. Saying "Hello", then adding, "How are you?" about 2 seconds later.

Feb-Mar/04 Over the past month Zoey has developed a giggle that sounds similar to my wife's laugh, & with it she is developing quite a sense of humor, including giggling after she feels she's pulled a trick on 1 of us(such as little sneak attacks to get our attention.).

4-06-04 2pm approx. Zoey has expanded from her original "I Love You!" phrase, to respond to us with "I Love You Too!!!"

4-10-04 12:30pm approx.I did not witness this 1, but according to my wife, Zoeey was on her knee petting & teasing Zoey with her finger. All of the sudden, Zoey spoke up in a slightly stern tone & said "Watch it!!"(something we say to her if she nips at us).

4-11-04 10:30pm approx. Zoey is picking up new phrases in shorter spans of time now. While I was looking thru my interactive cable guide to find something to watch,Zoey was sitting on my knee & said "What you want?"(she hasn't learned the word 'do' yet.)

4-25-04 12:30pm approx. Using a tone of slight disappointment about something, Zoey spoke up & said "Oh well!"(I have no idea what she was disappointed about) LOL.

4-26-04 11:15am Zoey has added a new word to her greetings this morning, saying "Hello Squirt" & "Hi Squirt"(a nic name my wife & I use for Zoey sometimes)

5-02-04 Zoey picked up 3 NEW phrases today. 11:15am I said "Hello, how are you?" to Zoey, there was about a minute pause, then Zoey responded "I'm ok" 8-11pm We noticed Zoey starting to use the word 'girl' in different contexts. 9pm Zoey began saying "Good Girl! Good Girl!" repeating this over & over(in a deep tone voice resmbling mine). 10:30pm Zoey said "Pretty Girl!". Her vocal progress is moving faster than ever!!

5-23,24-04(not sure of exact times) Over the past coupple days Zoey has pulled up a couple new phrses. The 1st phrase she picked up from from my wife, because when Zoey doesn't feel like she's getting enough attention she will come up & give a small nip When my wife scolds her, she says "YOU BRAT!! Now Zoey has picked it up. The 2nd phrase Zoey learned is "Step up!"(not sure which of us she learned that phrasee from, perhaps both).

Also,during the month of May, Zoey picked up a couple of interesting cartoon sound effects. #1.Baseball, a loud pop, followed by a decending whistle(now if I can just get her to say "HOMERUN" at the end, it would be great). #2.Zoey has learned to say "Cuckoo! Cuckoo!'(she's too big to fit in a clock tho)sounds close enough tho.

6-04-04 11am I called Zoey a "Silly Bird!",& she responded with "What-everr!" (something she picked up from my wife)

Mid June Not sure the exact date Zoey started this phrase, but over the past 2 weeks she seem to gradully pick this up from our friend Bob. She starteed repeating the phrase "C'mere"(Come here) 3 times in a row, real fast.

7-03-04 3p Seems like Zoey has finally learned her name, saying "Hi Zoey"

7-05-04 Afternoon, Here I just get Zoey's last phrase posted & already she's come up with a new phrase. Today she started saying "What're you doing??"

7-09-04 11am Zoey started her day out with another new phrase, saying "You're sweet!" from inside her cage. Her phrases are coming so fast I can hardly keep up!!!

7-11-04 1:35p Zoey added on to her previous phrase today, saying "You're a sweet girl!!".

7-11-04 9pm This is Zoey's 2nd new phrase in a single day. All the sudden she spoke up up & said "That's my girl!!" in a slightly excited tone. These last few phrases have mostly originated from my wife Joanne.

7-12-04 10pm The way Zoey says this latest phrase turns out to be kind of a oxymoron. 1st she says "Your sweet!!" followed aggressively by "You stinker!!" (We have both called her that when she bites).

7-24-04 Over the past week & a half Zoey has augmented her 'You're sweet!' phrase in a couple different ways. 1. She began to say "You're SURE sweet!!" 2. She's using her own name in the phrase & repeating the word sweet multiple times, saying "Zoey's sweet, sweet, sweet!!"

8-21-04 During the month of August Zoey has been modifying some of her phrases & adjectives. She's gone from "What're you doing?" to "What do you think you're doing?" She also went from saying "You Stinker" to 2 new similar adjectives "Stinkpot" & "Stinkweed"(these 2 just started today). 1 brand new word she has picked up is the word "okay".

9-14-04 Over the weekend Zoey picked up a couple of new phrases, the 1st phrase started on Fri. 9-10 Zoey said "Why you being a stinker?"(somthing we both ask her quite often). On Sun.9-12 Zoey started a brand new phrase, saying "Gim me kiss!" (Give me a kiss) This evenining as my wife was fixing supper Zoey started yet another new phrase, saying "I seee youu!"(something we say to her when she peeks thru her cage cover in the morning).

9-23-04 Since my update last week, Zoey has learned a new word & a new phrase. 1st she learned to say the word "Water", then, a couple days lster, Zoey began to say the phrase "Don't bite!"(smething we say to her when she gets too rambunctious).

9-25-04 Back in June Zoey learned the phrase "Silly bird",yesterday she started a new phrase, saying "You're silly."

10-01-04 Over the past week Zoey has learned how to say "Thank You!",but I don't think she's sure about what she's thanking us for, lol!

10-11-04 Over the past week & a half Zoey has picked up 2 new phrases. 1.Zoey learned to say "What's your problem?"(something my wife asks her if she gets to rambunctious).

2.Zoey learned to say "Peek-a-Boo!"(The other half of the phrase she started to pick up on 9-14-04)

10-25-04 Zoey has picked up a new word from my wife over the past couple days, saying "Gotcha!"(something my wife says to Zoey when she sneaks in a kiss).

11-07-04 Zoey has come up with 1 of her stranger mixing of phrases before even completing the original phrases. Having learned the name of our friend "Bob", Zoey also picked part of the phrase 'Zoey's my girl!' from my wife Joanne(minus the word Zoey's) to come up with the strange but funny phrase "Bob's my girl!!"

11-14-04 Zoey has picked up a couple more phrases involving our friend Bob the past few days. 1st, she started saying "Bob's coming!"(from when we'd tell her "Bob's coming over"). 2nd Tonite she said "Bob's gone, Bob's gone, BYE!"(Not totally sure who she picked this up from).

11-23-04 About 3 days ago Zoey completed the last part of the phrase, adding "over" to "Bob's coming over" & hasn't stopped saying it since.
Today Zoey put together 2 of her old phrases for quite a contradiction. Instead of saying "You be a good girl." or "You stinker!", Zoey said "You be a good stinker!" LOL

12-24-04 Not sure of the exact date Zoey picked up these next 2 phrases, with all the rushing around for Christmas & all, But it seeems like the 1st time she said these new prases was li'l over a week ago. The 1st phrase she said was "Here ya go." ,then a lttle while later Zoey said "Let's go."

12-29-04 Over the past 3 days Zoey has added the word "Sugar" to her phrasology, saying phrases like "Hi Sugar" & "Give me some Sugar"

2-01-05 8pm mst I had just used the remote control function of my Webtv+ to change cable channels to a 'Smallville' rerun a on Family Channel, when Zoey spoke up & said "What're ya watching?"

2-21-05 11p Zoey came up with her 2nd farewell expression tonite. Right after saying "Bye" she said "See ya later!(she's known "bye" for awhile, but tonite was a 1st for "See ya later!")

3-02-05 6:45pm While my wife & I were dishing up our supper in the kitchen, Zoey spoke up from the living room & said "Not so hard!!"(something we say to her if she nips instead of giving us soft kisses).

3-06-05 7:08pm Tonight Zoey came up with a new phrase in response to 1 of her recent phrases. Wre were eating dinner when Zoey started saying her recently learned phrase "Let's go. Let's go." I responded to Zoey by saying "Let's go where?" Zoey answered back with "Where do you want to go??" (I guess she picked that up from me)

4-16-05 2:30pm(approx) While I was playing a racing game on my Gamecube, Zoey began asking "You hungry?"(Are you hungry) twice in a row. I said "No I'm not hungry, is Zoey hungry?" She responded by saying "Zoey's hungry!"(my wife was the 1st to hear this phrase, but I guess Zoey was finally ready to say it to me).
Another phrase Zoey picked up from my wife recently, & is sort of turning it around is "You pill!" which she is extending into "You're a pill!"

May/05 With all the combining & recombining of words & phrases Zoey already knows, new words are getting harder to pick up on. 1 new word that has come up this month is "Sugarbabe"(something she picked up from my wife). Just not sure of the exact date she began saying it.

June/05 One new phrase Zoey came up with this month(not sure of exact date) is "That's good stuff!"(she picked it up from my wife). Other phrases she's using now are still combinations of all the words she's previously learned. She's getting very good at mixing her phrases

07-10-05 4:08pm Zoey spoke up & said "Why you shivering so?"(my wife usually says this to Zoey with the word 'much' at the end).

As for the rest of July, Zoey has come up with a couple more new words. First she learned to say "Sorry!"(picked it up from both of us), Then she started saying "Roger"(our son's name). This makes 5 names she knows how to say, Eric(mine), Jo(wife's nicname), Roger(our son's), Zoey,(her own), & Bob(our best friend)

8-14-05 2:15p My wife had just gotten off the phone with our son. She heard Zoey yacking & told her "Roger & Destiny's coming over for dinner. Zoey responded in kind of an apathetic tone, saying "Who Cares!". No idea who she got that phrase from.

11-30-05 Earlier this month, Zoey came up with a couple new phrases, the 2nd being similar yet still different from the 1st. 1st phrase Zoey said is "Jo go take a bath." She got this from my wife.

2nd phrase she said is "Gotta use the bathh"(room). She just hasn't learned the 2nd part of bathroom yet tho.

12-9-05 5p(approx) We had just started talking on the phone to our friend Bob, when Zoey spoke up & said "I'll be right there". I think she picked it up from me.

7-06 Over the past 1 months, Zoey has finally come up with some new words. In early June My wife started teaching Zoey the spelling of her name "Z-O-E-Y Zoey". On 6-24-06 Zoey began saying 3 of the 4 letters in her name "Z" "O" & "Y" & saying them in varied orders, "Z-Y", "Z-O", then "Z-O-Z-Y" & "Z-O-Z-O" Spelling 'Zo Zo', a nicname we sometimes call her. For some reason she's having trouble picking up the 'E', but she'll learn eventually, I'm sure.

Anothe phrase she's picked up from me in the past week, is "Get back in the cage." Something I say if she gets overly cantankerous(Zoey is a 'free roamer', but can be fiesty at times).

7-05-06 Zoey is getting a li'l closer to spelling her name right. Today she began sayin saying "Z-O-Y Zoey"(she still doesn't want to deal with that 'E').

7-28-06 10:22p Zoey was yacking away when all the sudden she says "Scuuse Me!" (something I've been working on with her anytime she imitates my Belch).

9-08-06 7:42p Zoey's grammar is improving. For a long time Zoey would answer "YEP" anytime someone ask a question need an affirmative answer.

Tonight was a different story tho. While watching the D-Baccks game against the Cardinals, I said "Does Zoey like Baseball?? Zoey said very plainly, "Yes Eric."

9-26-06 9p (approx) Not sure if Zoey was upset, but from the top of her cage, she spoke up & said "Good Grief!".

9-27-06 4:30(approx) While my wife was taking a nap in the other room, Zoey began to talk with me from cage saying "Eric." I said "Yes Zoey". She said "Jo's watching you!!!"(my wife tells her this if she starts to get to close to something she shouldn't).

12-08-06 1:45p With Zoey's mixing & remixing of words she already know, its getting harder to catch new ones. It happened today tho. While going thru 1 of her gab sessions, Zoey said "That's ridiculous!" Not sure who she got from.

12-29-06 8:05p Zoey was talking to herself a little, saying "It's alright baby!", then responding "No, it isn't dear!". Where she got that last line, I have no idea.

2-09-07 3:30p Zoey added a new phrase in response to 1 of her old phrases today. Starting out with "Zoey's silly.", then asking me, "You agree?". I had to laugh, & responded, "Yes, I agree Zoey!"

As of late, when Zoey agrees with something said, she's been givibg a 'Vallley Girl' response, saying "Fer Sure!" Our conversations are getting more interesting & humorous every day!!

June 07 Over the past couple weeks, Zoey picked up a phrase from my wife, saying "I wanna call Bob.", then, a few days later, switching to "I'm gonna call Bob.". Sometimes, I tell her "No, you can't call Bob.", or "You don't know Bob's number."

Today(6-13-07) Zoey spoke up out of the blue, and said " You do what you gotta do.". No idea where she got this phrase from.

Zoey has known how to say several single digit numbers for some time now, but her latest phrase comes from a counting rhyme my wife has been trying to teach her.
Last week Zoey began saying "One, Two, -my shoe"(she hasn't qut picked up on 'buckle' yet).

7-21-07 3p Zoey updated her last phrase today, saying "One, two, bye bye shoe." How many of us have thought that, when we lose a shoe?

8-16-08 1:45p Today Zoey began saying "3,_, close the door"(she knows the word four, but hasn't put it together with this phrase yer).

8-22-08 3:45p Zoey said "Say byye!", learning her first true farewell phrase(we generally said this to her if one or the other of us had to leave).

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